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Document Packs

What's Included?
"Why Use The European Water Label?" Flyer

An introduction to the European Water Label – What is the Label and why use it?

Communications Pack

Information on consumer attitudes and behaviours towards water efficiency and the European Water Label, tested messages to use with consumers and plumbers, and an overview of the promotional materials available to support the European Water Label.

Promotional Material

This material explains the European Water Label and also covers specific bathroom products – baths, toilets, showers and taps. There are three styles, two for consumers and one aimed at plumbers/trade audience. This material has been tested with consumers and plumbers. The different messages and styles have been created to provide a flexible suite of materials that can be used ‘off the shelf’ or adapted to fit with your brand.
• Consumer materials: posters, shelf talkers etc.
• Trade materials posters, shelf talkers etc.
• European trade materials, posters, shelf talkers etc for use in Europe.

Training Material

A guide to communicating to customers about the European Water Label, water efficiency and water saving bathroom products aimed at retailer and plumber/trade merchants’ staff, manufacturers, trade associations and other organisations interested in the European Water Label and water efficiency. The slides are adaptable to a wide range of presentation or training formats.

Get The Documents

Download Training Materials

Download Consumer Materials

Download Trade Materials

Download Trade Materials for Europe

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