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The European Water Labelling Scheme provides easy access to a database of bathroom products, which when installed and used correctly will use less water, save energy and save money.

The training material provides 2 power point presentations enabling sales and manufacturing teams to understand the benefits of the European Water Label (EWL). Feel free to use and brand with your company logo any of the material provided.

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The European Water Label – what is it?

This quick PowerPoint guide is designed to explain the basics of the European Water Label, what it is and what it does.

The guide explains what the product label shows for the thirteen categories of product, who supports it, the reasoning behind it and its key messages

Powerpoint - the quick guide to what it is

The European Water Label – explaining it

This PowerPoint guide is designed to give an introduction to the European Water Label, the key messages behind it, and its features and benefits.

The guide explains what the label shows for the twelve categories of product, and describes, in greater detail, showers, taps, toilets and baths.

Powerpoint - the quick guide to explain it

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