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Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.
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Img  Category  Manufacturer  Brand name  Model number  Efficiency 
Bath Roca Contesa A221572000 131 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2215K3000 131 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2358J0000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2358K0000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2359J0000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2359K0000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2360J0000 153 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2360K0000 153 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2370J3000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2370K3000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2371J3000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2371K3000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2372J3000 154 L
Bath Roca Contesa A2372K3000 153 L
Bath Roca Contesa Body Plus A237955000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237353000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237360000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237363000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237365000 168 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237753000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237765000 183 L
Bath Roca Contesa Plus A237775000 183 L
Bath Roca Sureste A247350000 155 L

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