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Register As A Stockist

The database of bathroom retailers offers a one stop shop for consumers to easily identify and purchase water efficient bathroom products. Registration is free, to ensure the database is credible and contains factual information, we ask you to complete a quick and easy questionnaire. All questionnaires are checked by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association prior to going live on the web site.

Within the database the visitor will see all contact details including web site and email addresses, it is therefore important that you ensure these details are correct.

A free window sticker will be sent to all retailers once they have been accepted on to the database. Please display the window sticker in a prominent position to encourage bathroom purchasers into your store.

A national PR campaign supported by government departments, NGOs, trade bodies, water utilities, bathroom manufacturers, and the media is ongoing to encourage the installation of efficient bathroom products.

Your contact details
Trading Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
Telephone Number:
Fax. Number:
E-mail Address:
Format as: john@example.org
Website URL:http://
Other information
Map Selector Region:
Additional Information:
Max. 200 characters
Main Brands Sold:
Max. 200 characters
Number of Displays:
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Scheme Partners will be allowed access to these details.
Would you like to occasionally receive information from them? 

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