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Aims & Objectives

Today, manufacturers of water using bathroom products ensure that aesthetics match practical benefits, which apart from hygiene also include water and energy saving - two issues that are growing massively in social importance.

The aim of the Scheme is to help you easily identify water saving products that when installed and used correctly use less water than other products available on the market.

Clever use of smart technology in stunning designs means we can do our bit to stamp out waste without compromising on style. Manufacturers are working hard to ensure they meet Government's recommendations for saving water, whilst still delivering the sexy looking, performance packed bathing experience we want.

The Scheme provides a credible, recognisable label and website helping you become more aware of water issues and the water saving products available on the market today.

Richard Seeber
Founder and President of the EP Water Group

"Water is one of the most precious resources on Earth. In times of population growth, climate change and urbanisation, water has turned into a valuable commodity in need of protection. Under the EU 2020 strategy, resource efficiency has been introduced as a flagship initiative, signalling the need to save resources to promote a more sustainable growth."

"We must strive to save water. But let us think about creating sensible incentives, rather than imposing bans and constraints. Voluntary water efficiency labels can be a first and important step in this direction!" says Richard Seeber, Founder and President of the EP Water Group

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