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The Scheme


Registrations for all listed products will last for one year from the date of acceptance of application, provided that the characteristics of the product are not changed during the one year period. If the characteristics have changed for any reason then the company in question must submit a new application and listing and undergo a new procedure.

If Government implements new regulation or legislation resulting in amendments to the Scheme criteria, The Water Label Company will inform the applicant of the listed product. The Water Label Company will also inform the applicant of pending changes to the criteria and the transition period for updating the Scheme database and website together with revised test criteria.

The Water Label Company will not offer any rebate for any fees paid if the applicant elects not to amend the product to ensure it conforms to the new regulation/legislation.

However, if a new Declaration of Conformity is provided endorsing that the listed product conforms to the criteria, the registration will be allowed to continue until it expires.


The Water Label Company retains the right to cancel or suspend any listing of a product, which carries the water label.

If a company does not adhere to the rules and regulations of the Scheme, or if The Water Label Company has proven that the information given at the application stage is inaccurate, The Water Label Company retains the right to cancel or suspend the product listing.

The Water Label Company also retains the right to cancel or suspend a product listing where the characteristics of the product have been amended but the company has failed to notify The Water Label Company or applied for a new application.

The Water Label design is a Registered Community design of The Water Label Company Limited, Company Registration No. 07906301