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News Room

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14/03/2016 The Guardian shortlists the European Water Label Read article ›
15/02/2016 European Water Label appoints first Sales and Marketing Agen Read article ›
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20/10/2014 The European Water Label continues its growth Read article ›
10/09/2014 Know the product – Use the Label Read article ›
04/09/2014 Bendy bananas and hand-pumped hoovers Read article ›
29/07/2014 The European Water Label wins a major award Read article ›
28/05/2014 Water Label shortlisted for its sixth award Read article ›
27/05/2014 Sustainability – the critical key Read article ›
14/04/2014 Know your Water Footprint Read article ›
08/04/2014 A Review of Rapid Progress and Growth Read article ›
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03/03/2014 Chairman of Water Label Committee appointed Read article ›
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10/01/2014 New Build?New bathroom? Look for the Label Read article ›
03/12/2013 It’s all about behaviour Read article ›
21/11/2013 The Water Label. Innovative & Essential Read article ›
03/11/2013 Doing nothing is not an option Read article ›
03/11/2013 Doing nothing is not an option Read article ›
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18/07/2013 Are small independents and bathroom retailers missing out? Read article ›
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13/02/2013 BMA's brainchild shortlisted in Sentinel Business Awards Read article ›
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27/09/2012 Water Efficiency in Buildings Research Network Read article ›
06/09/2012 Going green Read article ›
23/08/2012 Water Saving Special Read article ›
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05/08/2012 You’re welcome to join our Stockist List Read article ›
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16/01/2012 New Trends in the Bathroom Industry Read article ›
07/01/2012 It's a strange world isn't it? Read article ›
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27/09/2010 BMA Annual Awards Shortlists Announced Read article ›
27/09/2010 BMA Enrols New Member NEOPERL Read article ›
27/09/2010 BMA supports the Prince's START Read article ›
27/09/2010 BMA Gives Thumbs-up To Part G Read article ›
27/09/2010 Energy efficient bathroom products Read article ›
27/09/2010 REPLY TO: It's time to stop wasting so much water Read article ›
27/09/2010 Industry Expert Chris Taylor-Hamlin, Technical Director Read article ›
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